You who live in Jakarta and have a hobby to hang out while you run. COBA deh we look to these places. Guaranteed comfort and anyway not designate nyesel if you`ve ever hung out there.

The following places to hang out while a culinary taste in Bekasi:

1. Nenen Nyok

This store really fitting for you who like milk. Here you can drink pure milk with unique taste. Starting from ogininal, green tea, oreo, mocca, lychee and a variety of other flavors. other recipe on kokimganteng blog

Not just his drink tablets that tasty. Snack here as well. There chicken cordon, chicken katsu, rice bowl. A variety of pasta is also there, sort of fettucini, fussili, spaghetti.

Open every day except Monday, from 15.00-23.00 pm, its location is located in Jalan KH. Agus Salim, Maidstone and THB, Bekasi.

The price of the menu at this place is relatively inexpensive. For drinks range between Rp 8,000 to Rp 13,000 to Rp 13,000 meals, moderate-Rp 28,000.
2. Pancong Racing
great recipe kokimganteng
Let me place simple really, but this place became one of the favorite hangout teen Bekasi.

Need extra patience to get your cakes are so pancong menu mainstay at this place.

But quietly, you certainly would not let me wait for long nyesel. Because it runs out you can eat pancong are really delicious.

Not just another pancong, the menu is also available. For example, fried indomie boiled indonmie and drinks.

Its location on Jalan KH. Agus Salim, Maidstone and open 24 hours. The price is also reasonable.

3. the Cubite Bekasi

Tau pinch cake? This traditional food, can be enjoyed with a variety of flavors and are definitely very tempting to try.

There is a sense, oreo, red velvet, green tea, ovomaltine chesecake, nutella, kinder, bueno, and bubblegum.

Curious, just come straight to the shop of hope is beautiful, Medan Satria, Bekasi. Open from 5.00 pm-11.00 pm. Starts from IDR 120,000

4. Ichirei Ramen & Steak

Smelling things like Japan. When love come direct to this place ajah.

Where to eat is indeed embraced the concept of Japan with a quiet atmosphere. A variety of ramen ready also served warm for you.

Located on Jalan Bekasi Timur, Agus Salim. Open from 14.00-22.00 pm. Affordable drinks sold from Rp 4,000 to Rp 8,000, Rp 6,000-Rp 28,000.
Want to try?

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Almost everyone loves the pudding. The taste is sweet and soft texture make people cannot resist it. One of custard that you can try at home was the bread pudding. This pudding is very easy to do and can you make the snacks with the family. this link


8 pieces of fresh bread or whole wheat bread, remove the edges, cut the bread into cubes.
600 ml fresh milk low fat.

75 grams of sugar.

3 egg yolk granules.

2 egg white grains.

Grated cheddar cheese.

75 grams of raisins, soaked in hot water.

1/4 teaspoon vanilla powder.

How to make:

1. Preheat the oven at a temperature of 180 degrees Celsius.

2. arrange bread pieces in heat-resistant Bowl.

3. Combine the milk with the sugar, Cook until hot but do not boil, stirring until sugar dissolves.

4. stir in vanilla, stir. Lift and let it warm up a bit.

5. beat the egg off, and then insert it into the dough warm milk.

6. Flush the dough over the bread and sprinkle raisins and cheese.

7. Bake for 30 minutes until cooked.

For 4 servings. source

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Gunungkidul is indeed again hounded the tourists, because of the potential for coastal tourism and its caves. This location has the potential for a very interesting culinary tour. One of them Serves specialties such as red rice and papaya leaves gudeg. click here

You can come to Brasserie Mbok Tomblok Highway Semanu Gunung Kidul. A restaurant with a simple place of bamboo this, quite comfortable to enjoy delicious food. When you sign in you can view your stall to sit to enjoy the food. There are also chairs and tables made of wood. "Here there is a Red Rice Menu, lombok ijo, tofu and tempe bacem, delegation of cracker, sayur lodeh, papaya leaves same jerked," said Mbok Tomblok Friday (20/11/2015). great post

Mbok Tomblok says, every meal at these stalls appreciated 17-20 thousand. Visitors can enjoy the specialties of Gunungkidul. With the price of 20 thousand per package visitors can enjoy food that is in denotes. "The price per package 5-20 thousand already the same trough.
Meanwhile, Yogyakarta citizens were Tri tours in Gunungkidul confess if jerked gorengnya pas dimulut and very tasty. The sweetness that is offered is very fitting dilidah. Other than that the place is also accounting for convenient to continue sightseeing in Gunungkidul. "Yeah I reply pas and tasty empalnya. Really tender and sweet. Taste good anyway, "he said.

If you want to enjoy this Challenging lhas you must go through the highway Semanu. The place is not far from the trafficlight Gunungkidul Semanu or West bangjo Semanu.

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Traditional food made from simple home style cooked not less enchanting the tongue. The cuisine of "relatively" remains wanted for memories and delicious.http://kokimganteng.blogspot.com

In Wonogiri Regency, Central Java, which is known as a manufacturer of chicken noodles and meatballs, there are two typical and traditional cuisine which until now still continue to be sustainable, i.e. tiwul and don`t ndeso aliases don`t.

The two typical culinary Wonogiri was very popular in his native region and is still enjoyed by the local community as a daily menu. The material is simple and easy to come by, while the mind feels no less delicious typical dishes of the archipelago more.

Tiwul who became one of the main foods in Wonogiri born in colonial rule Japan. By that time the rice is a luxury item. For menyiasatinya, the public then replace the rice with manioc that is widely planted in Wonogiri. Came the tiwul.

After the occupation ended, tiwul is still a staple food in Wonogiri. However, currently, tiwul is no longer dominated by cassava. The public offer it with a mixture of rice so that when it is ripe, tiwul has two color, i.e. white and light brown. Green ears tiwul sized smaller than the green ears of rice.

As alloy tiwul is don`t ndeso also called do not. In the Java language, don`t mean a vegetable. While the lombok means chili. Generally, do not use this chilli lombok curly green.

Don`t be bersantan vegetable lombok made pieces combined with chopped green chili pepper, tempe, and holistic as a complement. Because the main ingredients in the form of green chili and cayenne pepper, do not this spicy lombok in the tongue.

The amount of chili pepper used is sometimes not the responsibility-responsibility. Almost comparable to tempe which also became the main ingredients do relatively. Nevertheless, nutty taste that just make do lombok makin delicious.

According to Nanik, citizens who worked in the Office of Wonogiri Regent of Wonogiri, don`t lombok have become daily food community Wonogiri.

"Don`t be lombok served any time. Now, this vegetable becomes one of the Favorites in a variety of events such as weddings and circumcision. Some stalls even make vegetable Wonogiri ndeso as obligatory, "said Nanik.

Traditional menu no matter the effort continued. One of the quite popular was the roast chicken. The story of the effort`s famous roast chicken is in a book by Umar Kayam, Ora Mangan Mangan Togethers (1995).

In the book, told Pak that regular Joyoboyo peddling grilled chicken grilled chicken with pronouncing penggeng eyem. Shall send to the buyer, before penggeng eyem wrapped with banana leaves. Savory smell mixed with the sweetness of penggeng eyem always publish their saliva.

Ancient times, Klaten roast chicken sold touring the city by the seller by using tenongan. However, currently, the seller tenongan is no longer there. Instead, roasted chicken is served as a main menu at a number of restaurants in Klaten.

The typical grilled chicken Klaten is lightly browned. It is usually cooked whole of raw materials in the form of free-range chicken. Combination use of coconut milk and brown sugar into a key to the taste of a delicious roast chicken.

A blend of spices such as coriander, pepper, cumin, nutmeg, ginger, galingale, turmeric, galangal and makes the typical grilled chicken Klaten legit and savory. Eaten with a hot steaming white rice, as well as fresh vegetables and red chili sauce, hmmm ... very delicious.

In addition to the roasted chicken, Klaten cuisine which is now difficult to find is buntil cassava leaves. The main raw material of traditional cuisine this is the cassava leaves, cooked with shredded coconut and a variety of spices.
Savory flavors derived from shredded coconut and spices in abundance. In the old days, ordinary everyday dishes into buntil at home. read here

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