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Traditional food made from simple home style cooked not less enchanting the tongue. The cuisine of "relatively" remains wanted for memories and delicious.http://kokimganteng.blogspot.com

In Wonogiri Regency, Central Java, which is known as a manufacturer of chicken noodles and meatballs, there are two typical and traditional cuisine which until now still continue to be sustainable, i.e. tiwul and don't ndeso aliases don't.

The two typical culinary Wonogiri was very popular in his native region and is still enjoyed by the local community as a daily menu. The material is simple and easy to come by, while the mind feels no less delicious typical dishes of the archipelago more.

Tiwul who became one of the main foods in Wonogiri born in colonial rule Japan. By that time the rice is a luxury item. For menyiasatinya, the public then replace the rice with manioc that is widely planted in Wonogiri. Came the tiwul.

After the occupation ended, tiwul is still a staple food in Wonogiri. However, currently, tiwul is no longer dominated by cassava. The public offer it with a mixture of rice so that when it is ripe, tiwul has two color, i.e. white and light brown. Green ears tiwul sized smaller than the green ears of rice.

As alloy tiwul is don't ndeso also called do not. In the Java language, don't mean a vegetable. While the lombok means chili. Generally, do not use this chilli lombok curly green.

Don't be bersantan vegetable lombok made pieces combined with chopped green chili pepper, tempe, and holistic as a complement. Because the main ingredients in the form of green chili and cayenne pepper, do not this spicy lombok in the tongue.

The amount of chili pepper used is sometimes not the responsibility-responsibility. Almost comparable to tempe which also became the main ingredients do relatively. Nevertheless, nutty taste that just make do lombok makin delicious.

According to Nanik, citizens who worked in the Office of Wonogiri Regent of Wonogiri, don't lombok have become daily food community Wonogiri.

"Don't be lombok served any time. Now, this vegetable becomes one of the Favorites in a variety of events such as weddings and circumcision. Some stalls even make vegetable Wonogiri ndeso as obligatory, "said Nanik.

Traditional menu no matter the effort continued. One of the quite popular was the roast chicken. The story of the effort's famous roast chicken is in a book by Umar Kayam, Ora Mangan Mangan Togethers (1995).

In the book, told Pak that regular Joyoboyo peddling grilled chicken grilled chicken with pronouncing penggeng eyem. Shall send to the buyer, before penggeng eyem wrapped with banana leaves. Savory smell mixed with the sweetness of penggeng eyem always publish their saliva.

Ancient times, Klaten roast chicken sold touring the city by the seller by using tenongan. However, currently, the seller tenongan is no longer there. Instead, roasted chicken is served as a main menu at a number of restaurants in Klaten.

The typical grilled chicken Klaten is lightly browned. It is usually cooked whole of raw materials in the form of free-range chicken. Combination use of coconut milk and brown sugar into a key to the taste of a delicious roast chicken.

A blend of spices such as coriander, pepper, cumin, nutmeg, ginger, galingale, turmeric, galangal and makes the typical grilled chicken Klaten legit and savory. Eaten with a hot steaming white rice, as well as fresh vegetables and red chili sauce, hmmm ... very delicious.

In addition to the roasted chicken, Klaten cuisine which is now difficult to find is buntil cassava leaves. The main raw material of traditional cuisine this is the cassava leaves, cooked with shredded coconut and a variety of spices.

Savory flavors derived from shredded coconut and spices in abundance. In the old days, ordinary everyday dishes into buntil at home. read here

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