Gunungkidul is indeed again hounded the tourists, because of the potential for coastal tourism and its caves. This location has the potential for a very interesting culinary tour. One of them Serves specialties such as red rice and papaya leaves gudeg. click here

You can come to Brasserie Mbok Tomblok Highway Semanu Gunung Kidul. A restaurant with a simple place of bamboo this, quite comfortable to enjoy delicious food. When you sign in you can view your stall to sit to enjoy the food. There are also chairs and tables made of wood. "Here there is a Red Rice Menu, lombok ijo, tofu and tempe bacem, delegation of cracker, sayur lodeh, papaya leaves same jerked," said Mbok Tomblok Friday (20/11/2015). great post

Mbok Tomblok says, every meal at these stalls appreciated 17-20 thousand. Visitors can enjoy the specialties of Gunungkidul. With the price of 20 thousand per package visitors can enjoy food that is in denotes. "The price per package 5-20 thousand already the same trough.
Meanwhile, Yogyakarta citizens were Tri tours in Gunungkidul confess if jerked gorengnya pas dimulut and very tasty. The sweetness that is offered is very fitting dilidah. Other than that the place is also accounting for convenient to continue sightseeing in Gunungkidul. "Yeah I reply pas and tasty empalnya. Really tender and sweet. Taste good anyway, "he said.

If you want to enjoy this Challenging lhas you must go through the highway Semanu. The place is not far from the trafficlight Gunungkidul Semanu or West bangjo Semanu.

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